Steve Wharton PLEASE CREDIT Michael Hirs

Steve studied Media at Cumbria College of Art & Design (1997-9). He subsequently worked as a film stills photographer for directors Ian D Fleming and Neil Marshall. He also worked for Cumbrian Arts-in-Education and the Royal Opera House Education Department, documenting outreach projects in Cumbria and Covent Garden. Between 2002 and 2007, he was involved in the production of several low-budget films in an exciting period of independent production by artists around the Furness Peninsular (The Egg, Shallow, Paperlad, Gan Yam).

In 2019 he was asked to direct a promo video for a exhibition at a local museum. The exhibition was on loan from Jorvik Viking Centre and Steve assembled a team of volunteer film-makers and performers at Moorforge Viking Settlement near Cockermouth, Cumbria. 

In 2019 and 2020 he stepped in front of the camera to present stories from Helvellyn for Terry Abraham's third Life of a Mountain documentary. Steve researched and wrote the script for his scenes which appear in the Cinematic/DVD and TV versions. Cinema release: Dec 2020, TV release: Jan 2021 (BBC4)

In 2021, Steve is directing At Home In The Steep Places, a biography of Maryport-born miner, climber and artist Bill Peascod. The film will feature landscapes of the English Lake District and Wollongong in Australia. This is a 28 Dales Later production for The Settlement at Castle Hill, Maryport. Visit the 28 Dales Later Facebook page here