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to celebrate renaming the River Greta

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A Lake District river has been renamed in honour of a climate-change activist. The River Greta (pronounced ‘Gr-ee-ta’) flows between Threlkeld and Keswick. In recent years, the speed at which the river level rises has been a source of worry for many local residents. Despite investment in flood defences many homes and businesses in the Keswick area have suffered flooding multiple times.


The Lake District Rivers and Streams Authority is highlighting the connection between climate change and local flooding by renaming the river. From this month, the River Greta will be pronounced ‘Gr-e-ta’) after the Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg.


Mapmakers Ordnance Survey and Google have already adopted the new name, which goes live on their digital maps today.


A spokesperson for the Lake District Rivers and Streams Authority said how happy they were that the name change had received no objections, despite signs being in place along the river throughout March. They had even heard tourists in Keswick calling the river by its new name before the lockdown caused by CoVid-19.


The original plans for a naming ceremony and storytelling walk along the river have now been changed, in line with government guidance. Instead you can listen to local storyteller Steve Wharton online whilst watching live drone shots from along the River Greta’s length. Watch live from 12noon on 1st April at www.cumbriansongs.co.uk.