Paddy West's Glass Galleon is READY TO SAIL!!!

Paddy may have never actually been to sea but that never stopped him teaching people how to be sailors. 


He knows all the exciting songs and stories and he'll share them with you in his fun-filled show.


By the end of the show you'll know the secret of the glass galleon, how to go fishing with a saltpot, the art of folding paper sails and lots and lots of shanties.

Paddy promises everyone will get a proper sailor certificate at the end too.

Packed with activities, Paddy West's Glass Galleon is an absorbing show with 

storytelling & singalongs

and sometimes

knot tying, origami, semaphore

& a ukulele orchestra

It can also link to curriculum studies and introduce topics for

science, geography, English, maths, history and languages

with activities based on intriguing questions such as

are whales fish?

does water float?

are there plenty more fish in the sea?

where do words come from?

how can a knot be fast?

how can a flag speak?

Please get in touch to discuss your KS1, 2 & 3 requirements.

Steve Wharton is a seasoned writer, musician and performer with experience in delivering cross-curricular activities in England as well as Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) projects in China and the Czech Republic.

His love of storytelling and shanties has combined to produce Paddy West's Glass Galleon, which can be enjoyed as pure entertainment or used as a vessel for KS1, 2 and 3 activities.

He holds a current DBS check and public liability insurance. 

About Paddy West - the character of the show is based on an old sea song about a Liverpool boarding house master. He would teach would be sailors all they needed to know without ever having to leave the building. Recruits would step over a rope laid on the floor so when asked if they'd passed the equator they could say they had 'crossed the line'. Buckets of water and window blinds were also key features of this charming rogue's training regime.